Thanks for shopping at www.JapaneseKokeshiDolls.com! We hope that you will find what you're looking for. If not, please contact us because we are continuously acquiring new items to add to the shop.

We have been buying and selling Japanese Kokeshi Dolls for over 30 years. In order to operate our shop fairly and efficiently we have instituted a number of policies based on our extensive experience. Please read these carefully before completing your purchase. Thank you!

Payment Policy

We accept almost all major credit cards as well as PayPal, Apple Pay and other methods of payment. These are shown at check out. Please choose your preferred method of payment.

Shipping Policy

It is our basic policy to ship using methods that are insured and allow tracking, such as registered mail or express delivery.

If you would like to absolutely minimize delivery costs, we can have your order transported by regular air or surface mail, but please note that these methods are uninsurable and cannot be tracked. Consequently we cannot be responsible for items that are lost or damaged when using regular air or surface mail.

Cancellations, Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

Our basic policy is No Cancellations, No ReturnsNo Refunds and No Exchanges.

The only exception to this may be if your package is lost or damaged during shipping. If your package is damaged during shipping, we may provide you a partial or full refund. However you must provide photographs of both the box and the product to prove that the shipper was negligent in handling your purchase. Without these it is impossible for us to seek reparations from the shipper.

If your package is lost, you will receive a full refund. But please remember that all of our packages are shipped via methods that are trackable. Please do not claim your package was lost when we can show that it was delivered using tracking information.

If you are absolutely set on returning an order or asking for a refund, we might allow this, depending on the circumstances. However, you MUST contact us within 14 days of receiving your item. Please note that you are responsible for paying the shipping cost to return the item to Japan and you must use a shipping method equivalent in cost and speed to the one used to send your order to you. For example, you cannot receive your order by express delivery (3-6 days) and then return it to us via sea mail (3-6 months). Additionally, we reserve the right to charge you a restocking fee of up to 30%, which will be deducted from any refund you are given. As previously noted, we ship all orders via methods that employ tracking. Under NO circumstances will we refund an order that is returned to us after the delivering service in your country reports attempting to make a delivery when no one is home and then holds your package for you to pick up and you fail to retrieve it. If a package returns to us in Japan after such an event, we may choose whether to comply with your request for re-delivery, but you will be expected to pay the re-shipping cost. 

Taxes, Import Duties and Customs Fees

  • If you are purchasing from outside Japan, you will NOT be assessed any Japanese taxes. If you are purchasing from within Japan, your purchase may be subject to Japanese consumption tax.
  • The cost of your purchase does NOT include those that are applicable within your own country. For example, purchases made by EU residents may be subject to VAT, which may be collected when your purchase is delivered. Know the rules of your country & jurisdiction. We are not responsible for the taxes, import duties or customs fees you may be asked to pay by the officials in your country. Under no circumstances will we refund the cost of a purchase if you refuse delivery because you are unwilling to pay taxes, import duties or customs fees charged by the authorities in your own country.

Image & Media Quality

Items are photographed carefully under natural light. However, colors may appear slightly different, depending on your monitor or the lighting conditions in your home.

Regarding Vintage/Antique Items

Any item in our shop labeled or described as "vintage" or "antique" will be sold "as found" or "as is."

Imperfections such as scratches, dings, stains, soiling, fading, cracking, discoloration and the like are common amongst vintage and antique items. We try to accurately represent such goods through photos and product descriptions, but it would be impossible to fully detail the imperfections of each and every item.

Please consider your purchase carefully before buying and send us an email inquiry if you have any questions. We will not accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges, nor will we refund purchases based on condition issues with vintage / antique items.

Regarding Authenticity of Vintage/Antique Items
We do our best to research each item before acquiring it for our inventory. If a product is attributed to a specific artist, manufacturer or time period, or is described as being manufactured with specific materials or processes, it is because we believe that the description is accurate. Almost all vintage/antique items are acquired in Japan through sources such as art galleries, art dealers, private collections, antique or vintage wholesalers, estate sales, other auctions and antiques and collectibles conventions. However, the items we acquire almost never come with certificates of authenticity or details of provenance. While we believe our descriptions are accurate, it is impossible for us to guarantee this. Again, please consider your purchase carefully before buying since we are unable to accept returns or exchanges, or make refunds on these items (except, as previously explained, in the rare case in which an item has been damaged or lost during transport).

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