Covid-19 has created unprecedented difficulties for people around the world and our hearts go out to those whose lives have been affected by this devastating affliction. We encourage people everywhere to take extra preventative measures to ensure their own safety and the safety of their families, friends and fellow citizens.

Relatively speaking Japan has fared better than many places, and for this we are grateful. But Covid-19 has affected our operations greatly, most significantly in our ability to ship products quickly to certain parts of the world. Depending of where you live the delivery of your kokeshi dolls may be delayed several days, several weeks, or even several months.

Most notably the Japanese Postal Service has issued a temporary stoppage of shipments to some major markets, including the United States and Australia. Shipments to most of Europe and many other nations have resumed, but we are still hearing reports of Corona Virus-related delays.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during these very difficult times. If you reside in a country that is affected by the temporary stoppage of shipments via Japan Post, we will pack and store your order until such time that shipping services resume, or we will offer you an alternative means of shipping, albeit with some additional cost (please inquire).

Producing and selling Japanese Kokeshi Dolls gives us great joy, but nothing compares with our love and concern for our customers and people everywhere. We hope that you will take extra care and be safe while the battle to defeat Covid-19 continues. Our thoughts are with you!

Michael Fiorella

CEO, YK Spark Productions &